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Wodaabe Bowl - by Orieji

  • £8800

The Wodaabe: are a Fulani/Sahelian ethnic group, acclaimed for their unique male beauty contests. The BBC reports: "Men decorate their faces and dance for hours to impress female judges - who may take them as lovers." The judges are women with high status in their society.

These very large, ornate, wheel thrown bowls from Orieji's Sahel Collection are inspired by the opulent appearance of Wodaabe men . Like the Wodaabe, who take several hours to adorn themselves for their female admirers, Orieji spends a great deal of time embellishing these creations. However her rewards are much more modest!

Orieji's Wodaabe bowls are decorated in vitreous slip on the outside. The inside has a further layer of slip with glaze over it.

All ceramics are non-toxic and food safe.

Diameter 29cm x Height 12cm

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