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Timbuktu-Raku Vessel by Orieji

Timbuktu-Raku Vessel by Orieji

  • £8500

Whether known as adobe or banco, clay is one of the most common, versatile, inexpensive, yet aesthetic architectural materials on earth. Timbuktu's clay skylines are carved out of the earth's clay pits and left to bake in the sun or are packed into moulds and then dried in stacks. This vase is an abstract model version of this ancient African architecture. 

Hand formed and fired in the Japanese firing technique of Raku, this piece is a fusion of African and a Japanese styles. Raku is a delicate method of using live fire to heat the piece to temperature and smoke to blacken the clay and reduce the glazes. It allows for delicate, patterned crackles to appear and for the oxides to develop more intense colourations like lustrous coppers, turquoises and more

Slab built Raku vessel - for display or dried flowers.

Please note that this piece is not suitable for use with food or water.

Diameter 10cm x Height 26cm

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