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Tuareg Turban - by Orieji

  • £3000



This petite vessel captures the endless brown terrain, tones and textures of Tuareg society, that are only interrupted by their strikingly colourful apparel.
 The Tuareg, are a nomadic ethnic group spread across Sahelian Africa. Most Tuareg are Muslims but their traditional animistic beliefs give them an unorthodox Islamic identity.
One of their most notable attributes are their headscarfs, which in further contrast to other Islamic societies, are more often worn by men than by women.
Indeed the Daily Mail, have shown surprise at how much sexual, economic and civic freedom Tuareg women have.

Each piece from Orieji's Timbuktu Collection is fired twice, then fired a third time to 1200 celsius for design and durability, creating an unglazed, waterproof exterior with a glazed interior, which is finally sanded to give it a smoothness akin to the finest desert sands.

All ceramics are non-toxic and food safe.

Diameter 13cm x Height 8cm

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