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Blue Mirage - by Orieji

Blue Mirage - by Orieji

  • £7000

A mirage is often confused with a moment of hallucination, but mirages are in fact natural, optical illusions. Timbuktu's proximity to the Sahara means such illusions are common. They result from refracted light bending through the air at various temperatures, often appearing like a bright blue pool of water.

This particular piece mimics these kinds of mirages, the striking appearance of a blue form; enveloped by wavy desert sands.

Each piece from Orieji's Timbuktu Collection is fired twice, then fired a third time to 1200 celsius for design and durability, creating an unglazed, waterproof exterior with a glazed interior, which is finally sanded to give it a smoothness akin to the finest desert sands.

All ceramics are non-toxic and food safe.

Length 22cm x Height 11cm

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