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Heart of Africa - Raku (largest size)

  • £8000

"Africa is within me, yet Africa is without me" - for many in the African diaspora, this is a sad truth we have become accustomed to. Like David Livingstone, our hearts belong to Africa but our bodies do not.

These hand-formed pieces are fired using the ancient Japanese technique of raku. Raku is a dramatic method of glaze firing that uses live fire to heat a piece to near 1000c. It is removed when red hot and placed in a closed, smoke bin to blacken the clay and reduce the glazes.

The raku method allows for delicate, striking patterned crackles to appear as well as for the oxides to develop intense colours like lustrous coppers and turquoises.


Dimensions : Roughly the same size as a coconut. 12cm x 12cm x 9cm

Front and back pictured.

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