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Wooden Frames

Our Framing Partners

Harmattan's wooden picture frames are individually tailored for each painting by a family-owned business in southern Zimbabwe. The company's proprietors, Kevin and Deborah Taylor have assembled a workforce with unrivalled expertise to craft our signature range of African art frames. We give them absolute creative freedom to design, manufacture and assemble what we believe to be the finest, hand-carved art frames in the world.

The first line in this chain of production is Paul, who takes all the measurements required for each bespoke piece. Sifiso, using these parameters, then cuts the raw timber and matting board that will fit between each painting and its border. Finally, Zenzo, deftly designs the wooden exterior of the frames.

All the timber for these frames comes from a sustainably managed forestry zone in Ruwa. Ruwa is the only such zone in the country and it ensures that the demand for these products will never impair the land it comes from. Kevin points out: "We wouldn't be confident about running this business if we felt it was just destroying the environment in our country."

Authenticity, tradition, intricacy of design, expert craftsmanship, rarity, aesthetics, commitment and prestige are fundamental values of their team. The Taylors have always aimed for perfection by creating picture frames of unrivalled elegance. Kevin adds: "Everything we do is 100% handmade. There is no powered machinery involved in our production process. We have such unstable power supply in this country, to do everything by hand makes much more sense than relying on [electricity]."

Our partnership with our framers embodies our vision to display African enterprise in its finest light. Our collaboration reflects a manufacturing process, with value-added features, a competitive economic niche and sustainably focussed principles.