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#BLM Solidarity Face Masks

My main focus has always been ceramics but, as a biracial woman raised in West and North Africa as well as the USA, I am a staunch advocate of the BLM movement, recently amplified by the deplorable killing of George Floyd and further fuelled by the shocking shooting, by police, of my classmate's nephew, Jacob Blake. Much of the political rhetoric has become inflammatory and divisive in a manner that is splitting communities in the monumental fight against racism.

In response, I have created a patented line of "Solidarity" face masks. My BLM inspired design combines a black fist with a white fist and a grey bond between them, symbolising our united effort against racial injustice. As my African mother and European father fought against racism from the 1960s onward, so must we fight to end this long  battle today A Luta Continua - The Struggle Continues!